torsdag 6. oktober 2011

Hei igjen, lenge siden sist;)

Verder er ikke stor. I min siste post før sommeren hadde jeg bilde av en bil med elegante øyevipper.

En ting er at vi bor i samme by, har nære familiemedlemmer på samme sykehjem. MEN at vi er quiltere begge to og i tilleg medlem av samme quiltelag - overgår alle tenkelige tilfeldigheter.

Idag har jeg også pyntet bilen min, stilig eller?
Nå står kofferten for tur;)
Kjøpt hos Lena

Have a nice day:)

lørdag 4. juni 2011

Today's Photo;)

I visited MIL today and look what I saw in the parking area!  
Have you ever seen anything like this.  
I have not. 
I just had to take pictures;)


Have a nice day:)

onsdag 25. mai 2011

Home again

Back after a few days relaxing on Finnskogtoppen.  

Quiet, only the forest sounds and birds twittering.


Had a nice day, May 17th, with a lunch buffet


Back to everyday life again
We are in the moving business again 
MIL moving to a housing for older tomorrow
MIL is 90 years and we have to help her move
MIL has lived in the same house since 1953, so it will be sad for her, in a way
Have a nice day:)

tirsdag 10. mai 2011

Goodies in the mail again, I like that;)

Finally, now have even I ordered a subscription to a quilt magasine again 
A Norwegian magazine myQuilt.  
Today I received all releases. 
Waiting for more goodies in the mail!
Wonder, are there signs of hope for me ... back to the sewing machine again 
hope so;)

Have a nice day:)

søndag 8. mai 2011

Quilt trip to Iceland in February 2002


Friday after landing 4 pm,  off to Blue Lagoon  -10 cold with almost storm
Enjoyed the hot bath for 30 min with ice in both face and hair
A plate of "bakke" (herring, smoked salmon, dried fish, lamb and flat bread)
blue drinks

Saturday - a Norwegian quilters dream in 2002 - Virka, Reykjavik, Iceland   
Europe's largest quiltshop this year 
We captured  the store for 7 hours


Sunday 8 am, we were off on full-day excursion and then straight to the airport 7pm and back to Oslo after a busy, wonderful weekend .....
Thanks to Merete who guided the tour

and in May/June  2012
I´m back with Tåsen Quiltelag  
ready for new Q-vitamin and fun

Have a nice day:)

WOW what a day;)

May 7th 2011
Day on the porch, there's always something on the fjord, lovely views
Sun shines, regtta on the fjord 



and waffles for coffee, my kind of day;)  

It was only 4 days since May Britt wrote snow reports on abyquilt

Have a nice day:)